Wonderful News!

During July 2021 the team, with the help of FCS Springs rescued a little two-year-old girl. When we got to this beautiful little girl, she had horrific injuries to her face and body.

We discovered an Assault GBH case was previously opened, however one of the alleged perpetrators tried to withdraw the case. We immediately put a stop to it.

The petite malnourished and beaten little girl was rescued and two alleged perpetrators were arrested the same day. Pixie is the complainant in the second criminal case.

Last week, after close to a year in safety, our little one was placed in foster care by the Children’s Court with the most wonderful family! Thank you to the wonderful Children’s Court Magistrate who made the decision in her best interest.

Although she had time to recover since she was placed, she still has a long road ahead of her as she needs extra care, love, and attention.

This family will get her all the help she needs to optimize her health and help her reach her milestones. We also invited them to tell us if they need any supplements or specialised therapy for her. We will call on our followers if need be.

We really want to thank this family for their kindness and for being a soft landing to this little person who only knew pain.

The criminal case is continuing and one of the alleged perpetrators are out on bail and the other alleged perpetrator’s bail was denied and he is awaiting trial.

We cannot thank the wonderful team of the SAPS FCS Units who assisted enough. A big thank you to W/O Wentzel, Captain Bell and Captain Botha (not excluding the other officers on the scene).

Thank you to the SUBSCRIBER who reported the case to us.

When we left the afternoon after all the paperwork was done, we knew we got to her just in time and most probably saved her life. The assaults on this frail little body were relentless and we know from records, lasted for months.

To our wonderful and loyal SUBSCRIBERS, this is your success as well. YOU made it possible for us to save her life when she needed someone to be her voice and stop the cruelness. Thank you!

We will keep you posted.

Photograph : Stock Photo for illustration purposes

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