We adhere to the POPI Act, Act 32 of 2007 amendment Act, 2007 Art 19A relating to child pornography dated 1 December 2021 and New Films and Publications Amendment Act dated 1 March 2022. YOU ARE PROHIBITED TO SEND US ANY NUDE PHOTOGRAPHS OF CHILDREN as it is a Criminal Offence.

We, however reserve the RIGHT to share the information supplied by you, to us, to a third party (SAPS, Social Services and Dept of Justice) to affect the intervention of a child or children in danger within the framework of the Law.

By sharing information with us, you AGREE that you will NOT share any voice notes or messages sent by Pixie Pink to ANY third party and YOU hereby accept responsibility and possible prosecution should you divulge any messages to a third person. The cases are of a sensitive nature.

We will always keep you anonymous unless required by authorities (Law) to supply your details. Please supply us with your name and surname as well as area in which you stay for our own records as required by Law. Please note Pixie is NOT a legal practitioner, however she gives advice. WE ACT ACCORDING TO THE CHILDREN’S ACT 38 OF 2005 WITH AMENDMENTS SECTION 53 AND 110 AND THE SEXUAL OFFENCES ACT 32 OF 2007 SECTIONS 54 AND 55. Your call may also be recorded.