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We received shocking feedback in the criminal case against the two alleged perpetrators responsible for the horrific crimes against Oom Ben. Pixie is the complainant in the case and although we received positive feedback during investigation that prosecution will be instituted, we were abruptly informed via SMS that the public prosecutor refused prosecution due to a lack of evidence. This was a huge shock as all the evidence were handed in which not only included sworn statements, photographs but also video footage.

Oom Ben has early onset dementia and cannot supply a sworn statement, but this does not mean he does not deserve justice. At the very least, this is severe abuse of an elderly.

If Oom Ben succumbed to his injuries (he was critical when we found him and even paramedics said he was not going to survive), will the prosecutor also ask his statement? The alleged abuse was so bad, he still has nightmares and flashbacks about the ordeal he suffered for close to a year.

We had a meeting with the senior public prosecutor who undertook to relook the case and if needed ask the investigating officer to obtain more statements. We are thankful for fresh eyes on the case and are praying for a positive outcome. NO HUMAN, ESPECIALLY DEFENCELESS ELDERLY deserves this abuse.



Just to refresh your memory or for the members who have no knowledge of Oom Ben.

This is how we found him. Locked in a room, unable to eat, starved, daily assaulted with a broom and sticks, lying in his own faeces, urine and when I walked in, thought he was dead.

We called an ambulance and then transferred him after an extended stay in hospital to the frail facility. He was locked in that room for a year.

The bit of food was out of his reach and had maggots. He could not walk and was lying in the same position for months. When they put him in the ambulance, he had to be lifted in that position as his limbs could not stretch.

His brown mattress was soiled with urine and excrement, and he had gangrene sores on his back and sides, even underneath the welts where he was beaten. This must have been excruciating pain.

JP and I stood at the ambulance and prayed for him. He once opened his eyes, bewildered and not knowing where he was while his daughter in law made herself some food with the money, they took from him! His calls for something to eat was always answered with severe beatings we could clearly see over his back.

He still suffers from severe trauma, but can move his limbs again, takes a walk in his walking ring and picked up some weight. Yes, he has flashbacks about the severe abuse he suffered.

We have had him in protective care for months. His pension was also stolen every month and criminal cases was also opened for this.

Photograph : Oom Ben when we rescued him and Oom Ben now.

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