Another arrest made in the assault of the three boys

We received a message on Friday that a second arrest was made in our case we opened in Vanderbijlpark three weeks ago. Again, a big thank you to Sergeant Rowan Nash from FCS Sedibeng who made the arrest. You make us proud, and we are thankful the three boys will get justice.


Arrest made after GBH assault on three boys

Last week the team with the wonderful assistance of Child Welfare Vanderbijlpark, rescued three little boys who were severely neglected and beaten. This was one of the most horrific cases we have seen.

FCS Sedibeng made an arrest on this case yesterday. We are extremely thankful for the assistance we received from FCS Vereeniging last week and the case was transferred to FCS Sedibeng Cluster who will investigate the case.

We cannot thank the wonderful and dedicated teams enough for their assistance, kindness and swift action after Pixie opened the criminal case. They are true professionals who immediately realised how serious this was.

A special thank you to Warrant-Officer Pienaar and Sergeant Rowan Nash as well as Captain Du Plessis. The respect they showed us are unexplainable.

The boys are doing well and will undergo assessment as the case continues. We also spoke to Child Welfare and the caring case worker and met their father and grandmother last week as well. Three happy little boys (2, 4 and 5) who are grateful to have been rescued from their dire situation.

We will keep you posted.



Three children rescued

On Monday evening Pixie received a request for assistance for three little boys aged two, four and five. She was still waiting for more information when she received a phone call and shocking photographs yesterday morning with information which prompted the team to immediately contact Child Welfare to assist. The team met with social workers and proceeded to the address.

We cannot describe what we found. We cannot tell you how shocking this was. All three little ones were severely beaten over their bodies, from their heads, ears, eyes over their bodies to over their legs. Old and new injuries. They were in a severe state of neglect.

They shared a small bed that stood in a makeshift kitchen filled with bedbugs. Dirty and filthy linen. No food in the storeroom where they stayed, and the room has not been cleaned in a very long time. It was in a complete state of disarray. They had also not had a bath in days and their skins looked like it had scales on.

According to the informant they were either locked in the small storeroom while the mother was out and about or left on the streets by themselves. They would ask anybody for food.

We have NEVER seen so many injuries on such small bodies. The mother left the room early yesterday morning and by the afternoon had not yet returned. Social services removed the children and left a message for the mother to come to their office which she later did. Yes, drugs are involved.

Pixie sat in the office and gave them three special care backpacks filled with toys, chips, necessities, and some crayons. The injuries were so bad that she just sat and cried. They were immediately taken for a medical examination and although we cannot share all the details, the injuries are horrific.

They were placed in a Place of Safety with a caring granny and late last night she sent Pixie a message to say they ate plates of food, had a long bubble bath, haircuts and were each sleeping in their own beds, passed out as their tummies were full, beds clean and they had a bath.

They did not have any clothes and the place of safety mom bought them new clothes today. We asked if we could assist with nappies or anything, but they are sorted.

Pixie opened criminal charges with FCS today as this is not due to poverty, but due to drug abuse, severe neglect, ongoing physical abuse, and a slap on the hand will not cut it. You CANNOT beat three little children you are supposed to protect, love and care for and not be held accountable. This is criminal.

Pixie prayed for every child before we left and the little four-year-old had a message in his eyes, as if he realised they will be okay and the beatings and neglect will stop.

A big thank you to Child Welfare Vanderbijlpark social workers and the place of safety granny.

We wish we could post the injuries to their little bodies for followers to really see what we deal with. To see the devastation, neglect, the cruelness, but we are not allowed to. Words are not enough to explain what photographs show.

We are heading for a disaster in South Africa and our most vulnerable are worse off than ever! I do not feel any pity for the parents anymore. If you loved your children, you would not do this. If you choose heroin and meth over your children I have absolutely no respect for you. You chose this life. It is a decision but your three little defenceless children DID NOT make this choice for themselves. If they live with you, they will soon follow in your footsteps.

Photograph : STOCK PHOTO

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