About Us

The Royal Group Pty Ltd, a publishing company was established in 2019 by husband-and-wife team, JP, and Terry-Ann Terblanche.

The aim was two-fold; to create awareness about victims of crime and to render physical assistance to specifically women to complete Domestic Violence Protection Orders and issues regarding women in general.

It soon became apparent children are in dire need of protection when horrific cases were brought to her attention by the public. Pixie shifted from GBV violence to crimes against children. Children are voiceless, helpless, and need adults to stand up and fight for their rights.

Pixie has become one of the most well-known children’s activists in South Africa. She decided to embrace the portfolio of “Victims’ Advocate” as she advocates for the Rights of children, specifically abused children, and does not see herself as a mere activist demonstrating outside a court building.

The larger-than-life persona Pixie Pink was born.



Pixie has been serving her community for the past 36 years. To say it has been her life-long mission is an understatement. She served in the South African Police Service for almost 20-years (she was only 17 years old when she joined the SAPS). During her time in the SAPS, she also assisted with numerous rape cases, one being a case where one child was murdered and another brutally raped and tortured. This made a huge impact on her. She was also appointed as the spokesperson, assisted with crime prevention, and involved in the establishing of the Community Policing Forum which was a new but very successful initiative. 

In 2005 she went into journalism (with no experience but a strong will) with much success and was appointed as the Editor of several publications. As a single mother she left the profession for a better salary and became the spokesperson for a large security company where she continued to assist victims of all types of crime in Muldersdrift (also known as Murdersdrift).

You only need to Google her name to see the impact she has had in the crime fighting industry.

Pixie is a survivor of severe childhood abuse, and this explains her determination and fighting spirit to assist children. She has her own story to tell. As soon as the first cases were reported to her, she realised it was her past that inspired her, and she knew this was the way to go.

She can literally place herself in their shoes as she has lived through almost every type of abuse in the Children’s Act. Nobody came to her rescue when she was a little girl, nobody saw how neglected and abused she was and if they knew, nobody made any effort to help her. She realised she related to the children and at every scene she attends, children naturally form a bond with and trust her.

Pixie relies on Social Services, the South African Police and Department of Justice to assist her to get to the most abused children. She cannot by law remove any children but can bring a severe case to the attention of authorities to urgently get help, sometimes accompanying them to the crime scenes. She is a Custodian of Children and work according to the Children’s Act 38 of 2005.

She has had huge success with criminal cases she opened against perpetrators and lengthy sentences for perpetrators.
During the past four years, Pixie together with authorities have rescued about 400 children out of horrific circumstances.

She is not all about glitz and glamour and you will never see her at “glitzy” events or hanging out with the “important” people. She is very private and just an ordinary woman with a passion for children. Not and angel, but someone who fights to ensure every child that crosses her path is given a second chance.
Every case is unique but the violence towards children horrific and incomprehensible.

Recent crime statistics show about 160 children die at the hands of their parents every month in South Africa. Her mission is to get to these children before they are tortured and eventually murdered.

To create awareness is very important and when she started the Pixie Pink Victims’ Advocate page, followers asked if this was a South African page. Most of her 148K followers did not know about the atrocities against children.
The most successful cases have been reported via this page and it would not have been possible if the outspoken, firecracker did not create the awareness. Some little people were literally rescued during periods when they were severely tortured.

It was a matter of days before these children became statistics.
She does not hesitate to bring people to task to get help to children in need. Her focus is getting to t

he unheard, the voiceless, the most vulnerable, the defenceless.
Yes, there are plans of a book, not only about her life as a child, but the nights she spent praying and crying about cases that shocked her to the core.


Unfortunately, everything costs money and subscribers to the page, ensure she can do her work. One rescue mission can cost up to R5000 or more depending on the case. She has a vested interest in every case.

She does not receive funding from any other organization and at this stage only has about 600 recurring subscribers for a mere R50 per month. Some choose to not subscribe on the page, but to EFT their monthly subscriptions and to increase the amount according to their means.

It is a sad fact that out of 148K followers, only about 600 subscribe.

The public often contacts her for help after they have spent thousands on a private investigator or legal representative because they know she will not charge to assist them.

She has no plans to establish a non-profit company as the public has lost trust in these types of organizations and due to her using her own funding, she cannot be “told” what to do, is not owned by anyone and cannot be bribed. She is impartial.

People have done their best to bribe, blackmail and threaten her, but alas, it only makes her more determined to get to the guilty and not back down.


The cases reported to her are the worst of the worst and she has helped the elderly as well. One of the rescue operations was “Oom Ben” and the guilty is facing prosecution.

Due to the sensitive nature of cases involving children and processes to ensure positive prosecution, she cannot report on specifics. She will always do her best to tell the public about cases in a sensitive and responsible manner, but if she receives instructions not to say a word about the case, she has no option but to keep it to herself.

She has said numerous times she wishes she could show South Africa what she sees every day. Little people being abused in the vilest ways, and then you have the little bodies after the children were murdered and the urgency to rescue the little victim’s siblings.

She has sat with parents who murdered their children and can only describe them as pure evil, have had to protect herself from attacks by drugged out parents, drug lords paid to assassinate her, but still finds it in herself to continue despite the dangers.

The Victims’ Advocate page has a reach of about 7 MILLION people every 28-days.


Pixie also educates the public about important issues, and she holds monthly “paid online workshops” to assist the public with certain issues of importance i.e., reporting of child abuse to authorities, GBV and domestic violence issues, how to become a foster parent or place of safety and how to keep your children safe from predators.

It is of utmost importance for teachers, medical practitioners, CPF members, Neighbourhood Watch organizations and NGO/NPCs to attend the workshops. They are the foot soldiers who can identify problems of child abuse or domestic violence.


She holds regular “Subscriber Only” interviews with experts to discuss certain issues pertaining child abuse. She also shares “Subscriber Only” content as any other media publication. She interviews victims of crimes on the general page and have spoken to various families of murdered victims.


Please attend a workshop to get involved and off course subscribe to the page. If you subscribe via EFT, the bookkeeper will send you a like to a Subscriber only page where you will be able to access information. If you would like to do a once off payment, please go to the “once off” payment button on the Website and we will add you to the Elite Subscriber Group.